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Researching, pitching and editorialising global reports on tribes, macro and micro trends and consumer behaviour.


Reports include:

Fastronomic Foodies - highlighting foodie tastemakers and tribes who are tapping into future-facing concepts and trends such as meal replacements, meal prepping and hyper food knowledge.


Indian Tastemakers - thorough research into the Indian bloggers market, in-depth interviews and analysis on how these influencers behave and consume brands.


Mumbai Safari - Mumbai is at the epicenter of change in India - this report follows the city's diverse offering in terms of innovations in the hospitality, retail and technology industries in line with LS:N Global's Macro Trends. 


Kidpreneurs - 'Kidpreneurs' are those in Generation Z who are embracing entrepreneurship. We often hear that this generation will be the most entrepreneurial generation to date, so this tribe explored how this group of tweens/young teens are carving out jobs for themselves, using technology and social platforms to self promote, how their drive is affecting their social lives and friendships and how this desire to self-educate affects the role that traditional education plays in their learning.

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